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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in Brushwood Gulch

This is the main menu for the Town Hall area of this website. The Town Hall is where all of the official records are kept in Brushwood Gulch. Use this page to access information about Laurel & Hardy, the Sons of the Desert, and the Way Out West Tent. Below you will find links to various lists and reference items.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question about Laurel & Hardy, the Sons of the Desert, or our tent? Check here for the answer.

Search this Site/Search for a Tent
Conduct a keyword search of this site or search for the address of the tent nearest you.

Laurel and Hardy Filmography
Laurel and Hardy appeared together in 106 films, not to mention foreign versions, compilations, and even a television appearance. Find their titles and descriptions here.

Laurel and Hardy Books
A lot of books have been written about Laurel and Hardy. Look here for reviews and recommendations on dozens of books.

Laurel and Hardy Videos
Look here for a complete listing of Video Cassettes, LaserDiscs, and DVDs featuring Laurel and Hardy. Current releases as well as long discontinued items are listed.

Laurel and Hardy Timeline
A unique collection of births, deaths, film releases, and other trivia relating to Laurel and Hardy, arranged chronologically.

Laurel and Hardy Locations
Photos and information about popular Laurel and Hardy locations, including their birthplaces, graves, and the stairs used in "The Music Box."

Laurel and Hardy Celebrity Birthdays
Birthdays of celebrities who knew and worked with the boys.

Honorary Celebrity Members
A complete listing of past and present celebrity members of the Way Out West Tent.

Sons of the Desert Song
The words to the song heard in the film and song at the beginning of most tent meetings.