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This is a complete list of the celebrities who have attended at least one meeting or banquet in Los Angeles. By doing so, they were made honorary members of the Way Out West Tent. Many names have links, which will take you to their entry in the Internet Movie Database.

This listing does not include all of the spouses, siblings, and children of celebrities, who have also been made honorary members.

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Orson Bean

Sons of the Desert Founding Member

Stymie Beard

Our Gang

Billy Benedict

Great Guns

Ham Bennett

Hal Roach Studios employee

Vivian Blaine

The Jitterbugs

Billy Bletcher

Babes in Toyland, Midnight Patrol, Block-Heads, etc.

Tommy "Butch" Bond

Block-Heads, Our Gang

Ray Bradbury

Author (including 2 L&H short stories)

Henry Brandon

Babes in Toyland

Lou Breslow

Writer of Great Guns & A Haunting We Will Go

Ruth Burch

Hal Roach Studios Casting Director

Marion Byron

Hal Roach Stock Player


Barney Carr Pick a Star

Peggy Cartwright

Our Gang

Tony Caruso


George Chandler


June Chase

Daughter of Charley Chase

Joe Cobb

45 Minutes from Hollywood, Our Gang

Frank "Junior" Coghlan

Our Gang

Booth Coleman Actor/Stan Laurel's friend
Joyce Compton Pick a Star
Cassidy Cook Great-granddaughter of Stan Laurel
Laurel Cook Granddaughter of Stan Laurel
Patrick Cook Great-grandson of Stan Laurel
Sam Cook Great-grandson of Stan Laurel

Alice Cooke

Bohemian Girl, Our Relations, Babes in Toyland

Ellen Corby

Roach Studios Script Girl

Richard Currier

Film Editor


Jay Dare

20th Century Fox Costumer

Bob Davis

School Bus driver for Our Gang

Jackie Davis

Our Gang

Dorothy "Echo" Deborba

The Devil's Brother, The Stolen Jools, Our Gang

Joan Del Mar

Nothing But Trouble

Gordon Douglas

Director of Saps at Sea, Zenobia, Our Gang, etc.

Norma Drew

Chickens Come Home





Lucille Hardy Price

Mrs. Oliver Hardy

Ben Prce Husband of Lucille Hardy Price

T. Marvin Hatley

Bonnie Scotland, Composer of the Ku-Ku Song

Lois Laurel Hawes

Swiss Miss, Daughter of Stan Laurel

Tony Hawes

Husband of Lois Laurel Hawes

Darla Hood

The Bohemian Girl, Our Gang

June Horne Daughter of James Horne

Philip Hurlic

Zenobia, Our Gang



Darwood "Waldo" Kaye

Our Gang

Eleanor Keaton

Mrs. Buster Keaton

Glen Kennedy Grandson of Edgar Kennedy
Madge Kennedy Hal Roach Player
Mark Kennedy Grandson of Edgar Kennedy

Leonard Kibrick

Our Gang

Sid "Woim" Kibrick

Our Gang

Walter Woolf King

Swiss Miss

Fred Knoth

Roach Studios Prop Department

Mildred Kornman

Our Gang




Billy Naylor

Our Gang


Bob Overbeck

Roach Studios Special Effects



Artie Quenzer

Wrote the "Cricket Song" and other music for Swiss Miss

Eddie Quillan

Hollywood Party


Vera Ralston

The Fighting Kentuckian

Billie Rhoades

Appeared with Babe Hardy in solo film Something in Her Eye

Shirley Jean Rickert

The Stolen Jools, Our Gang

Hal Roach

Writer, Producer, Director, and Owner of Hal Roach Studios

Lois Roberts Mrs. Thomas Benton Roberts

Thomas Benton Roberts

Two Tars, Roach Studios Prop Department

Joe Rock

Producer of Stan Laurel Comedies

Murray Rock

Assistant director and appeared with Stan Laurel in solo film Half a Man

Angelo Rossitto

Babes in Toyland

Sheila Ryan

Great Guns, A Haunting We Will Go