The "Way Out West" Periodical Tribute to Stan and Ollie

Pratfall has been read the world over by members of the Sons of the Desert and other Laurel and Hardy fans. As one of the first widely circulated publications on Laurel and Hardy, it is still regarded today as one of the best sources for information regarding the boys and their co-stars. Pratfall may be best known for publishing a comprehensive then-and-now guide to many locations used in Laurel and Hardy's films (see L&H Locations).

The original editor describes the purpose of Pratfall best in his opening statement from the first issue:

"A number of attempts have been made in the past, to deliver to Laurel and Hardy buffs a comprehensive, interesting periodical publication. For many reasons they have all either failed or have not even begun. We feel that the idea is not just a good one, but a vital one. A place was needed to record in black & white, the words and thoughts of those people who knew and worked with Stan and Ollie. A place was needed to air views and new ideas, and to become a source of information and of entertainment for us all. A newsletter, with an adjustable format, and a somewhat regular publishing schedule, can fill a much needed gap. ... It is our honest feeling that here in the Hollywood area is the best, most logical place to find the elusive information, to uncover and reconstruct the drama that was Laurel and Hardy here - where it all unfolded.

"We are beginning to conduct interviews with actors who worked with Stan and Ollie, people who knew them both, members of their families and their friends. We are also just beginning a monumental search through libraries and the available microfilm records to amass and rerecord in one convenient place all the information and interesting material that can be found connected with Laurel and Hardy. It is our conviction that PRATFALL is that place."

The 17 original issues contain first-hand interviews with the boy's co-stars, reprinted articles about Stan and Ollie from the 1930s and beyond, editorials, letters, and commentary about the films (including original reviews of the feature films from the '30s and '40s). There are even some L&H comic strips and crossword puzzles! Every issue was as packed with lots of pictures and original artwork. For a complete index to the articles, see the contents page.

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