Laurel & Hardy in Way Out West


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[Lobby Card]

An original lobby card from the film.

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Both critics and fans agree that Way Out West is one of Laurel and Hardy's greatest works. As this comedic masterpiece celebrates its 66th anniversary, we pay tribute to the film and the people who made it all possible. This site is divided into five categories. "Story" provides information on the plot of the film, as well as the story of what was going on behind the scenes during filming. "Cast" provides a full cast listing, with more detailed descriptions of the starring cast members. "Music" provides words to some of the music that is heard in the film, for which this film received an Oscar nomination. "Script" contains an excerpt from the shooting script, which differs from the final film. And finally, "Reviews" includes a period review of the film along with recent reviews submitted through this web site.


This site was created April 16, 1997 - Exactly 60 years after the film was first released.

It is dedicated in memory of Rosina Lawrence.

Our main home page contains additional information about Laurel & Hardy, the films they made, and others they worked with.


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