Investigation of Perjury Charges Against Oil Magnate Begins Today

December 29, 1933




New Motion Picture Released Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Laurel and Hardy star in Sons of the Desert. This is reportedly their best feature to date, reaffirming that they will remain a team for many years to come. Sources tell us that Laurel and Hardy are just like "two peas in a pot," both on and off camera!

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Wives of Disaster Victims Unable to Settle Nerves

LOS ANGELES, CA - Mrs. Lottie Hardy and Mrs. Betty Laurel are finding it difficult to cope while they wait to hear the fates of their husbands, who are lost at sea.

Earlier Mrs. Hardy was in good spirits, after hearing from her little brother Charlie. She was then shattered to hear about the disaster. Now, she fears the worst for their husbands. "I feel as if they were hovering right over me," said Mrs. Hardy to Mrs. Laurel. They hope a movie will take their minds off the situation, as they wait for the rescue ship to return to port.

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Passengers and Crew on
S.S. Muana in Panic
as Wireless Fails

Sister Ship Lauana Reaches Site of Disaster, Due Back in Los Angeles Harbor Tomorrow


Two passengers miraculously make it home!

Hatley Composes Another Gem

CULVER CITY, CA - T. Marvin Hatley, musical director at the Hal Roach Studios, introduces us to "Honolulu Baby," the hit song from Laurel and Hardy's latest offering.

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Weather Forecast

Weather is expected to remain sunny and clear today, throughout the basin. Expect heavy rains this evening.


Fraternal Organization Holds 87th Annual Convention in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL - Laurel and Hardy fans join together as members of the Sons of the Desert, a real life film society in honor of the Boys.

In addition to local meetings held around the world, Biannual conventions are also a tradition. One anonymous conventioneer, who's wife was unaware of his attendance, exclaimed, "We've been to the convention; had a swell time; going home in the morning; and nobody's any the wiser!"

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"Sons of the Desert" a Hit Film, Says Reviews

Many critics and fans have said that Sons of the Desert (released in Europe as Fraternally Yours) is one of Laurel and Hardy's best films. You can voice your opinion too, by writing in and telling us what you think.

To read reviews or to add your own review, see Reviews.

In a related story, the reviewer for a major industry trade paper was declared legally insane. Dr. Horace Meddick is treating the journalist for a severe case of "Canus Delirious." The doctor is recommending a south sea cruise to calm his nerves.

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