Laurel & Hardy in Way Out West


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[L&H with Rosina Lawrence Photo]

Stan Laurel, Rosina Lawrence, & Oliver Hardy on the way to Dixie.


At the Ball, That's All

Commence advancin', commence advancin',

Just Start a prancin', right and left a-glancin',

A moochee dancin', slide and glide entrancin'.

You do the tango jiggle,

With a Texas Tommy wiggle.

Take your partner, and you hold her,

Lightly enfold her, a little bolder.

Just work your shoulder,

Snap your fingers one and all, in the hall,

At the ball, that's all, some ball.


The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

On a mountain in Virginia, stands a lonesome pine.

Just below is the cabin home of a little girl of mine.

Her name is June and very, very soon, she'll belong to me.

For I know she's waiting there for me, 'Neath that lone pine tree.


In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,

On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.

In the pale moonshine, our hearts entwine,

Where she carved her name and I carved mine,

Oh June, like the mountains I'm blue.

Like the pine, I am lonesome for you.

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,

On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.


I Want to be in Dixie

I want to be, I want to be,

I want to be down home in Dixie,

Where the hens are doggone glad to lay,

Scrambled eggs in the new mown hay,

You ought to see, you ought to see,

You ought to see my home in Dixie.

You can tell the world I'm going to

D-I-X-I don't know how to spell it,

But I'm goin', you be I'm goin',

To my home in Dixie land.


T. Marvin Hatley

The genius behind the music in Way Out West was T. Marvin Hatley. Known best for writing the "Coo-Coo Song" and "Honolulu Baby," Marvin received one of three Academy Award nominations for his work on Way Out West. This was a great accomplishment at the time, considering that he worked quickly to score this film, by himself and on a tight budget. It is even more remarkable that a Laurel and Hardy feature was acknowledged with an Oscar nomination, because the Hollywood community did not generally appreciate their films.


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