Most of Laurel & Hardy's films are currently available on DVD. Because of licensing restrictions, there will most likely never be one complete set of all the existing films.

In the United States and Canada, a collection of most of the Hal Roach Sound films is now available on on a 10 DVD set. The remaining sound features are available individually. The silent films have been released on DVD in the past, although these discs are no longer readily available. In the United Kingdom, a 21 DVD set is available with most of the Hal Roach sound and silent films. Some of the later features are not available.

To see what is available on DVD, see our Alphabetical or Chronological matrix listing each film and its availability from various online vendors. Links to e-Bay and YouTube are also included, which may be especially useful for films that are currently unavailable.

We have included information on discontinued LaserDiscs, VHS, and even Beta tapes for archival purposes.

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