hy don't we become bandits? Then we don't have to work hard anymore. Let's get it the easy way. We can rob the rich and give 'em to the poor...

The Plot

After loosing their life's savings to bandits, Stanlio and Ollio decide to become bandits themselves. Ollio takes the name of Fra Diavolo, a ruthless bandit known by all. Unfortunately, one of their first victims is the real Fra Diavolo. Diavolo doesn't take kindly to the impersonation and orders Ollio to be hanged. To make things worse, Stanlio is forced to be the executioner. However, the evil bandit spares their lives only to force them to become his servants.

Prior to his encounter with Ollio, Diavolo had been posing as the Marquis de San Marco while traveling with Lord Rocburg and Lady Pamela. Diavolo's band of men had robbed the Lord and Lady, but had missed the 500,000 francs that were in their possession. Outraged, Diavolo decides to return to his cover as the Marquis de San Marco in order to get their money.

Once again in the company of Lord Rocburg and Lady Pamela, Diavolo turns on his charm and tries to find out from Lady Rocburg where her husband has hidden his money. Stanlio and Ollio are instructed to take a glass of wine laced with sleeping powder to the Lord Rocburg's room, so that Diavolo may search the sleeping man's room. When he refuses it, Stanlio decides to drink it himself. Diavolo sneaks in the Rocburg's room but is unable to find the money.

Meanwhile, the local inn keeper's daughter is about to marry a wealthy nobleman whom she does not love. Her true love is Captain Lorenzo, a poor man who hopes to make his fortune - and thereby marry the woman he loves - by capturing Fra Diavolo and collecting the reward. While in the cellar, Stanlio and Ollio indulge in a bit too much of the wine they are sent to retrieve. Stan indulges himself with games of "Kneesie, Earsie, Nosie" and "Finger-Wiggle." In his drunken state, Stanlio has an altercation with Lorenzo and reveals Diavolo's true identity.

Diavolo finds out from Lady Pamela that the money is hidden in her petty coat. When she decides to slip into something more comfortable, Diavolo is able to get his hands on the money. With the money in his possession, Diavolo is ready to leave. However, Lorenzo is there ready to make his capture. Diavolo and his men are arrested and sentenced to death. While in front of the firing squad, a weeping Stanlio takes out his red handkerchief to blow his nose one last time. It catches the attention of a nearby bull, which charges at the firing squad and breaks it up. Diavolo escapes, as do Stanlio and Ollio.



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