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"Honoring both past and present stars of the Way Out West Tent"

The Way Out West Tent’s Annual Celebrity Banquet took place October 2nd at the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood. The event honored both past and present celebrities of the Way Out West Tent.

Following dinner, guests enjoyed a video featuring all 106 Laurel and Hardy films condensed into little more than two minutes. After a raffle, celebrity guests were introduced. Some celebrities in attendance took the stage to share their memories of working for Hal Roach and with the Boys. Celebrities not present were honored on video through clips and photos from previous events. First time attendee, Marjorie Campbell, was made an honorary tent member, for her part as the baby in Their First Mistake. Longtime member Dick Jones (perhaps best known as the voice of Walt Disney’s Pinocchio) was given the Way Out West Lifetime Achievement award.

This year’s guests were: (back row L-R) Mark Kennedy (Edgar Kennedy’s grandson), Mildred Kornman (Our Gang), Dick Jones (Babes in Toyland, Our Gang), Patsy Barry (Our Gang), Delmar Watson (Our Gang), and Marjorie Cambbell (Their First Mistake); (front row, L-R) Tommy “Butch” Bond (Block-Heads, Our Gang), Edith Fellows (The Devil’s Brother, Our Gang), Lassie Lou Ahern (Our Gang), Peggy Ahern (Our Gang), Bud MacDonald (Pardon Us, On the Loose), Jay Dare (20th Century Fox costumer), and Joy Lane (Babes in Toyland, Our Gang).

Celebrities highlighted on video were: (pictured, L-R) Dorothy de Borba (The Stolen Jools, Our Gang), Lois Laurel Hawes (Stan Laurel's daughter), Hal Roach (Producer), Rosina Lawrence McCabe (Way Out West, Pick a Star), "Spanky" McFarland (Wild Poses, Our Gang), and Jerry Tucker (Our Gang).

Other celebrities highlighted on video (but not pictured) were: Vivian Blaine (Jitterbugs), Henry Brandon (Babes in Toyland), Joe Cobb (Our Gang), Murial Evans (Pack Up Your Troubles), Anita Garvin (Battle of the Century, From Soup to Nuts), Dorothy Granger (Hog Wild, Laurel-Hardy Murder Case), Lucille Hardy Price (Mrs. Oliver Hardy), T. Marvin Hatley (Roach Studios Musical Director), Darla Hood (The Bohemian Girl, Our Gang), Eugene "Pineapple" Jackson (Our Gang), William Janey (Bonnie Scotland), "Porky" Lee (Our Gang), Della Lind (Swiss Miss), Venice Lloyd (Chickens Come Home, Mrs. Art Lloyd), Trudy Marshall (The Dancing Masters), Ernie Morrison (Our Gang), Thomas Benton Roberts (Roach Studios Prop Department), Roy Seawright (Roach Studios Special Effects Dept), Rolfe Sedan (Double Whoopee), Jay R. Smith (45 Minutes from Hollywood, Our Gang), and William "Buckwheat" Thomas (Our Gang)


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