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Your Favorite Animal

A lot of animals shared the screen with Laurel and Hardy. Which one was your favorite? Select the button next to the animal of your choice then select the "cast your vote" button. Write in votes may be submitted by selecting "other" then typing your choice into the accompanying field. Remember, every vote counts but please only vote once.

This survey started in September 1998.

Which was your favorite animal in a Laurel & Hardy film?

The alpine gorilla (Swiss Miss )

Blue Boy the horse (Wrong Again )

Buddy the dog (The Perfect Day )

Buster the dog (Early to Bed )

Dinah the mule (Way Out West )

Ethel the chimp (The Chimp )

Laughing Gravy the dog (Laughing Gravy )

Narcissus the goat (Saps at Sea )

Ollie the horse (Flying Deuces )

Ollie the chimp (Dirty Work )

Penelope the goat (Angora Love )

Penelope the crow (Great Guns )

St. Bernard (Swiss Miss )

Susie the horse (The Music Box )


Please check over your answers, then submit the form.