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James Finlayson
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Born: August 27, 1887, in Larbert, Falkirk, Scotland.

Died: October 9, 1953 in Hollywood, California.

Nickmanes: James Finlayson NEVER went by the nickname "Fin." That has been attributed to him posthumously, by his fans. To his friends, he was simply "Jimmy."

Laurel and Hardy related:

  • Jimmy Finlayson can still be seen today in 33 Laurel & Hardy films (including two of the boys' Spanish-language films). He also appeared in the long-missing HATS OFF and in ANY OLD PORT, but his scenes were deleted from the final film. This brings the total number of films made with Laurel & Hardy to 35.
  • In addition, he appeared in 19 films with Stan Laurel and numerous films directed and/or written by Stan, prior to the teaming of Laurel & Hardy. He appeared in 5 films with Oliver "Babe" Hardy prior to the teaming of Laurel & Hardy.

Our Gang related:

  • While working for the Hal Roach Studios, Finlayson appeared in six Our Gang shorts. He appeared with Oliver Hardy in one of these films, and with Stan Laurel in another one.
  • MUSH & MILK is probably his best known Our Gang film. Spanky McFarland proves to frustrate Fin as well as any adult.

Charley Chase related:

  • Finlayson appeared numerous times with Charley Chase. Curiously, he did not always have his moustache...even though he had one in other films made around the same time. This tells us that Finlayson's trademark moustache was not real.



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