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The Laurel & Hardy Book

Edited by Leonard Maltin
Curtis Books, New York, New York
301 Pages; 1973 (Paperback)

Highly recommended: If you are lucky enough to find this book, you will soon realize that it is like no other. It's both a biography and a critical analysis of the boys' work, "filling in the gaps" of earlier books. There are numerous photos (of surprisingly good quality, considering the book's pulpy paper stock). It includes some outstanding bios of the L&H stock company (Fin, Busch, Hall, Long, Garvin, Cramer, Houseman, & Sandford). Complete filmographies for Stan Laurel's solo films, Babe Hardy's solo films, and Laurel & Hardy's films together. John McCabe and Richard Bann contributed to this book by Leonard Maltin.

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