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Laurel and Hardy: From the Forties Forward

By Scott MacGillivray
Vestal Press, Inc., 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, Maryland 20706
223 Pages; 1998
ISBN 1-879511-35-5 (Hardbound)
ISBN 1-879511-41-X (Paperback)

Highly recommended: No book has examined Laurel and Hardy's post Hal Roach film career as thoroughly as this one. These films have generally been overlooked by other authors, as well as fans. But every post-Roach film, starting in the 1940s, is examined in detail. The book helps to explain why some films didn't work and tries to make a case for other films that may deserve another chance. Other issues, such as theatrical rereleases of Roach films in the '40s and television in the '50s, help to paint a complete picture of Laurel and Hardy in their later years.

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