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A Fine Mess: Verbal and Visual Gems from the Crazy World of Laurel & Hardy

Edited By Richard J. Anobile
Darien House, Inc., 37 Riverside Drive, New York, New York
256 Pages; 1975
ISBN 0-517-524-384 (Hardbound)

Uses still photos to retell scenes from several Laurel & Hardy films (sort of like a book of comic strips, except this uses real frames taken from the films). This is one instance when it's best to see the movie rather than read the book. It has over 1000 photos - "freeze frames" from the films, rather than publicity photos - captioned with the appropriate dialog. The book contains no other text. Unfortunately, seeing the films in printed form does not do them justice. Includes scenes from Going Bye-Bye!, Swiss Miss, The Music Box, Towed in a Hole, and Busy Bodies.

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