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Laurel and Hardy in Big Quizness

By Robert & Tracie McFerren
Plumtree Publishing, 9420 Stratton Rd., Salem, OH 44460
394 Pages; 1997
ISBN 0-9660323-0-6 (Paperback)

A book of Laurel & Hardy trivia, ranging from common facts to things that even the biggest fan probably doesn't know. A trivia quiz is provided for each film, with answers following in a subsequent chapter. The other two-thirds of the book gather similar themes from various movies to provide some additional trivia, (such as the names of all landlords or wives in the films). Filled with computer drawn illustrations, this a scrapbook of minutia for die-hard L&H fans. Since its publication, these die-hard fans have hunted through the book for errors. If you take Laurel & Hardy trivia very seriously, you may find yourself double-checking some facts.

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